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On Tuesday 19th February 2019, at the Gresmalt headquarters in Sassuolo (Italy), the project staff met to establish the road map aimed at integrating the calculation model of the environmental and socio-economic impact assessment in the company ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). The staff members of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and Gresmalt were physically present at the meeting and the Rey Juan Carlo University staff was connected by videoconference.

The meeting was also attended by the technicians of the IT Department of Gresmalt to define the criteria for aggregation of the different phases of the process to facilitate the data collection system and the way of communication between sensors and ERP.

The Meeting was attended by:

Davide Settembre Blundo
Anna Maria Ferrari
Lucrezia Volpi
Monica Algeri
Alessandro Salvarani
Daniele Manfredini
Simone Vezzani

Fernando E. García Muiña
Sonia Medina Salgado
Rocío González Sánchez
Eva Pelechano Barahona
Thais González Torres