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EcerS conference 2019

The XVI ECerS 2019 Conference took place from 16th June to 20th June 2019 in Turin, Italy. Planned every two years, the ECerS Conference series showcase cutting-edge research and product developments in a wide range of ceramic-related areas, and the technical program provides an opportunity for scientists, researchers, engineers and industry leaders from around the world to present and exchange findings on recent advances in ceramic science and technology.

At the Conference, Eva Magdalena Gualtieri from the Project Team presented a speech entitled:

Towards a circular economy in the ceramic tile industry – Considering the raw materials origin and transportation mode in novel materials design

The presentation showed the analysis results of 6 raw materials mixtures for the production of porcelain stoneware tiles. In the mixtures analysed, Extra-EU raw materials were successively replaced by European raw materials.

The Conference was attended by:

Eva Magdalena Gualtieri (speaker)

Cristina Siligardi