Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt

Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt

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Gresmalt was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of floor tiles in single firing, then gradually transforming
the offer to follow the technological evolution of the ceramic industry. Today with more than 130 million in
revenue, the company ranks among the top 10 Italian manufacturers producing porcelain ceramic tiles.
The collections articulated in different formats, cover the different architectural requirements for both floors and walls, thanks to the final cutting finishing, cutting and lapping.

The Group has three production units in Italy located in the Municipalities of Scandiano (Reggio Emilia), Viano (Reggio Emilia), and Frassinoro (Modena).
Each factory is equipped with logistics and warehouse area. Gresmalt is positioned in the global ceramic
tiles market as a generalist manufacturer, with a greatest competitive advantage is the high quality/price
ratio that combines products with the best features of the “made in Italy” at relatively low cost.

The production of above 17 million m2/year of ceramic tiles is sold through two commercial brands turned to
direct sales channel (Sintesi and Abitare). Also part of the production (25%) is paid to the GDO market
(large retail chains) in the field of building materials (Ceramiche of Frassinoro brand). The share of
revenues derived from exports amounted to 64% and the domestic market is 36%. The main markets are
France (23%), Germany (10%), Belgium (6%) USA (5%) etc.

Also it turns out to be the company with the highest index of operating efficiency thanks to optimal levels:

  • 37,500 sqm/employee
  • € 313,000 turnover/employee

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