Eva Pelechano Barahona


Associate Professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos


Associate Professor at Rey Juan Carlos University

She has a PHD degree in Business Administration and she is assistant professor in the Department of Economics and Business (Administration, Management and Organization) of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Her research interests are part of Strategic Management of the company in particular: knowledge management, intellectual capital, inter-organizational networks and strategic management of technology and innovation.

Within its research activity has numerous publications in national and international scientific journals. Some of these journals are included in the Journal Citation Reports or indexed in prestige databases as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, International Journal of Technology Management, Interscience, Innovar, Cuadernos de Economía y Dirección de la Empresa, Revista Europea de Dirección y Economía de la Empresa, Journal ESIC -Market, Journal of Intellectual Capital and The Journal of High Technology Management Research.