Thais at the 10th RIDIT international conference
On 20 November, the project team participated in the 10th RIDIT international conference “Ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship” which was held at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona. The conference aimed to contribute to the analysis of ecosystems of innovation and entrepreneurship and to be a meeting place for the...
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Life Forture team meeting in Madrid
On the 9th and 10th of July, the LIFE Forture team met in Madrid to discuss the development of the project. The meeting focused on social sustainability and social impact assessment tools. The team discussed the identification of stakeholders and the selection of the most suitable tools for the assessment of social sustainability. Furthermore, other topics...
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LIFE M&M Final Event 2019
The LIFE Forture team participated to the conclusive event of another LIFE project: the LIFE M&M (Man and Metal). The project, developed by the Cavatorta Group in Abruzzo (Italy), was aimed at obtaining an eco-friendly metal wire. The event was an opportunity for four LIFE projects to show the results achieved. In this regard, Davide...
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EcerS conference 2019
The XVI ECerS 2019 Conference took place from 16th June to 20th June 2019 in Turin, Italy. Planned every two years, the ECerS Conference series showcase cutting-edge research and product developments in a wide range of ceramic-related areas, and the technical program provides an opportunity for scientists, researchers, engineers and industry leaders from around the...
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