> News > Meeting with ACIMAC (Modena, Italy)

On 11 February the project team met the heads of the Technical and Communication areas of ACIMAC (Association of Italian Manufactures of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramic) at the headquarters of Villa Marchetti in Modena. During the meeting, the objectives of the project were presented, the results achieved and the possibilities of technological transfer of the results to the companies associated with Acimac were evaluated. Finally, the preparation of some articles to be published in the journal Ceramic World Review published by Acimac, for the dissemination of the results, was planned.
Acimac is one of the key stakeholders of Forture and the meeting is one of the activities provided for in the Stakeholder Engagement Plan.

The Meeting was attended by:

Anna Maria Ferrari
Cristina Siligardi
Davide Settembre Blundo
Lucrezia Volpi
Stefano Lugli (Acimac, Technical Office)
Paola Giacomini (Acimac, Press Office)