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The second monitor team visit took place on 10th May 2019 at Gresmalt in Sassuolo (Italy). The person in charge of the monitor visit was again Lorenzo Mengali, member of the LIFE monitoring team NEEMO EEIG.

The visit started with the control of the financial documentation related to the project. Afterward, each partner reported on progress of the project through a power point presentation. Every action was analysed in detail to highlight the new project developments. Finally, the team had the chance to visit the plant and to see the factory improvements that were carried out.

The meeting participants were:

Davide Settembre Blundo

Filippo Bolzi

Alessio Lelli

Fernando E. García Muiña

Sonia Medina Salgado

Thais Gonzalez Torres

Anna Maria Ferrari

Cristina Siligardi

Eva Magdalena Gualtieri

Lucrezia Volpi