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Life Forture team meeting in Madrid

On the 9th and 10th of July, the LIFE Forture team met in Madrid to discuss the development of the project.

The meeting focused on social sustainability and social impact assessment tools. The team discussed the identification of stakeholders and the selection of the most suitable tools for the assessment of social sustainability. Furthermore, other topics of debate were the integration of S-LCA into the framework of the circular economy, the stakeholder engagement strategies and the integration of the three dimensions of sustainability.

In addition, the team addressed the issue of the draft of the new S-LCA Guidelines and discussed the main themes covered and the innovations introduced.

The meetings were attended by:

Fernando E. García Muiña

Sonia Medina Salgado

Rocío González Sánchez

Thais González Torres

Irene Huertas Valdivia

Lydia Murillo

Anna Maria Ferrari

Lucrezia Volpi