> Expected results

Expected results

The project aims at reaching the following tangible and quantifiable outcomes after its implementation:
1. Stochastic programming model for sustainable decision support systems.
With regard to the Italian ceramic sector, the methodologies for impact assessment based on the the life cycle
approach, are currently mainly applied to the entire productive district of Sassuolo based on the aggregated data of energy consumption and atmospheric emissions.
Our sustainable design model can allow these ceramics producer to integrate the variables of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) in their business, with a potential reduction of the sustainability divide of at least 10%.
The calculation was made by considering the TOP 10 Italian ceramic producers, only two of which periodically publish a sustainability report (20% sustainability divide rate). Our goal is to reach, minimum, to 3/10 and then to 30% of sustainability divide rate.
2. ERP sustainable module, integrated with strategic design tool (ILM+DOE) and impacts dynamic assessment tool (LCA+LCC+S-LCA).
Thanks to economies of learning due to the implementation of the dynamic model of the impact assessment, we expect an improvement of the environmental, economic, and social performance of 30-40% compared to the current production.
3. Improved sustainability of the ceramic products by achieving the following environmental goals.
  • 10% less emissions to air (- 115,5 tons CO2 eq, -6.71E-9 tons CFC11 eq).
  • 15% reduction of pollutants related to transports (-1260 GJ/Ton Methane, -0,104 Ton NOx, -0.272 tons SO2 eq, -1,303E-2 tons ethane).
  • 20% reduction of ceramic waste and related costs (- 0,037 tons).
  • 15% reduction of energy consumption (-391667 kW).
  • 10% decrease of externalities associated to the whole economic impact of the project
    Reduction of environmental damage (0,640 Eco-point x 10-3/sq.m).
 4. Improved sustainability of the ceramic products by achieving the following economic goals.
  • Industrial costs (target: – 10-15%)
  • External costs (target: – 10-15%)
  • Cash flow (target: + 15-20%)
5. Improved sustainability of the ceramic products by achieving the following social goals.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Index (target: 55-65%)
  • Training and professional updating (target: 55-65%)

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