Life Forture is carrying out networking activities with other Life projects. Click on the images to learn more about them:
Life Effige networking

Life EFFIGE is designed to meet market demands for more sustainable products through the adoption of a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), a method of computing the environmental footprint of products and services.

Life Cersuds Logo

The main aim of LIFE CERSUDS is to enhance city adaptability to climate change and to foster the use of green infrastructures in urban planning. This will be done by designing and implementing a sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) demonstrator. The demonstrator will consist of a permeable surface whose skin is made up of an innovative system, with low environmental impact, based on the use of ceramic tiles of low commercial value

Life Silife Logo

The main objective of the LIFE Project SILIFE consists of producing commercial quartz powders that show very little or no RCS toxicity. To do this, a pilot plant for treatment of commercial quartz powders will be designed. The treated quartz produced in the plant will be verified by means of industrial trials performed by several end users from different industrial sectors.