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Industry 4.0 environment

Paper: Industry 4.0 real-world testing of dynamic organizational life cycle assessment (O-LCA) of a ceramic tile manufacturer

The project team has published a new paper that concludes the environmental impact analysis work of the LIFE Forture project. in the paper, the Organizational Life Cycle Assessment methodology is...
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Paper: Social Organizational Life Cycle Assessment (SO-LCA) and Organization 4.0: an easy-to-implement method

In line with the previous publication in the Journal of Cleaner Production (D1.JournalofCleanerProduction 101221), the project team was invited to publish the methodology behind the previous paper. The paper is...
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Image for Economic Sustainability

Chapter: Life cycle costing as a way to include economic sustainability in the circular economy. New perspectives from resource-intensive industries

One of the most complex issues companies must face in their sustainable development is dealing with the concept of economic sustainability. Economic sustainability is recognised as the ability of surviving...
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SO-LCA Assessment

Paper: Industry 4.0-based dynamic Social Organizational Life Cycle Assessment to target the social circular economy in manufacturing

At the end of 2021, the team continued with the publication of project results. The newly published paper dealt with social sustainability and was entitled ‘Industry 4.0-based dynamic Social Organizational...
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Solar Impulse Foundation G3NIUS

G3NIUS awarded by the Solar Impulse Foundation

The new G3NIUS brand, the result of our LIFE Forture project, has been awarded the ‘Solar Impulse Efficient Solution’ label, proof of its high standards of profitability and sustainability. In...
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Circular Eco-Design

Paper: Industry 4.0 and Smart Data as Enablers of the Circular Economy in Manufacturing: Product Re-Engineering with Circular Eco-Design

In the AFTER-LIFE phase, the project team continued with publications trying to understand and explain the role played by smart manufacturing techniques in the adoption of circular economy practices, and how...
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Paper: Technological Sustainability or Sustainable Technology? A Multidimensional Vision of Sustainability in Manufacturing

The project team continued with dissemination activities and published a paper entitled “Technological Sustainability or Sustainable Technology? A Multidimensional Vision of Sustainability in Manufacturing” on the journal Sustainability MDPI. Products and...
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Layman's Report

LIFE Forture Layman’s Report

With the conclusion of the LIFE Forture project, the team prepared a Layman’s report summarising the objectives and results achieved over the years. The document has been prepared in three...
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Final Event LIFE Forture

Final Event Summary

The final event of the LIFE Forture project has been a success. These are the numbers of Monday’s event: 142 participants 10 speakers 4 years of project reporting 2 guest...
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