Project Deliverables

B.1: Design of a dynamic LCA+LCC+SLCA tool

This action represents the starting point of the project and it consists to develop a new approach to the production of ceramics tiles, based on the criteria of sustainability.

B.2: Customization of the ERP module

The aim of this action will be to structure an appropriate database on the existing ERP that can serve for the collection and analysis inventory of the impacts assessment.

B.3: Design of materials and processes for sustainable ceramic tiles

The dynamic software LCA-LCC-SLCA developed in Action B.1 will be tested to verify its effectiveness and efficiency, through the determination of the environmental and economic impacts.

B.4: Prototyping of sustainable ceramic tiles

The development program of this action provides the scale transition from laboratory tests to the preindustrialization of the output of the previous actions.

B.5: Verification of technological conformity

This action intends to perform the test and analysis on the green and final products, with the aim of defining their chemical-physical, mineralogical, thermal and mechanical properties.

B.6: Integration of LCA, LCC and SLCA for sustainable decision making model

This action aims to integrate the environment dimension, developed in action B1, in the dynamic instrument for the impact assessment, with socio-economic variables.
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