LIFE: Force of the Future (FORTURE) is a project that began in October 2017, aimed at developing a sustainable manufacturing model for the production of ceramic tiles, with the support of the EU LIFE Programme.

LIFE: Force of the Future, aims to integrate environmental (Life Cycle Assessment), economic (Life Cycle Costing) and social (Social Life Cycle Assessment) impact assessment tools in order to determine sustainability parameters in an innovative and comprehensive way.

Thanks to this integration it will be possible to have at one’s disposal an eco-design model able to analyse and predict sustainability indices defining alternative design scenarios.

Finally, on the production side, the model will be able to monitor the environmental, social and economic performance of the product, as well as prescribe corrective actions on the ceramic production process in the in case of deviations from the planned sustainability targets.

The project involves the dissemination of the environmental and socio-economic impact assessment model, through institutional associations, to the Italian and Spanish ceramic industry, and the Italian brick sector.

The running of the Project is led by Gruppo Ceramiche Gresmalt in Sassuolo (Modena – Italy) and involves a consortium of 2 other partners: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy) and Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid (Spain)

LIFE: Force of the Future, is aimed at achieving the following environmental outcomes:

  • 10% reduction of atmospheric emissions;
  • 15% reduction of pollutants related to transports;
  • 20% reduction of ceramic waste and related costs;
  • 15% reduction of energy consumption;
  • 15% reduction of environmental damage.

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