LIFE evento finale
The LIFE project is coming to an end. In order to present the results of these three years, the project team has organised a webinar on 24 May from 3pm to 5pm. The conference will be based on a number of speeches lasting less than 10 minutes, using simple and user-friendly language. The event will...
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radical innovation dashboard
The project team published a new paper entitled “Building Exploitation Routines in the Circular Supply Chain to Obtain Radical Innovations”. The paper demonstrates how the supply chain plays an essential role in the transition to circular business models, as the successful implementation of the circular economy requires the cooperation and acceptance of all parties involved...
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Dynamic LCA
The project team published a paper entitled “Dynamic life cycle assessment (LCA) integrating life cycle inventory (LCI) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) in an industry 4.0 environment”. The paper, published in the journal “Journal of Cleaner Production”, describes the main results of the LIFE Forture project regarding the dynamic assessment of environmental sustainability. Journal link: https://bit.ly/3nLmULi...
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